Wildlife Removal


There are numerous horror stories in Denver about wild animals causing havoc in people’s homes and on their property. If a squirrel, raccoon or a bat get into your home, they can ruin insulation and chew holes through woodwork or leave urine and droppings in your attic. The major concerns are fire danger caused by chewing on wiring along with health hazards.

Squirrels are not out to destroy your belongings or drive you crazy as some cartoons would depict them. Squirrel removal, deemed as nearly impossible, in these cartoons is not that complicated in real life. They are wild animals and as humans encroach on their domain; our paths will cross more and more. Squirrels are looking for a warm, dry place to raise their families and if your attic is accessible, it will look like the perfect nesting place for them.

Raccoons, on the other hand, are interested in food. If you leave garbage where they can get to it, they will likely pay you a visit. If the pickings look good, they may decide to move right in. They are friendly that way. Although we find them kind of cute, they can be vicious if cornered and can carry rabies. Therefore, it is not a good idea to invite them to live in your neighborhood. If they move in any way, you will have to deal with raccoon removal.


Bats can also carry rabies and their droppings (guano) can cause a serious illness called histoplasmosis. After bat guano has laid around for a couple of years, it can grow a fungus that releases spores into the air and causes this disease. Why would a bat decide to live in your attic? It is similar in makeup to their natural habit and is a safe dwelling for them. It is dark and there are rafters – need I say more! Bat removal can be challenging, but non-the-less, they should not be hurt or killed.

Fox, coyotes, bees, porcupines and many other wild animals can also cause problems for home owners. Even though these animals can cause a huge amount of damage to your home or property, there are many ways to avoid this problem.

Try to avoid the problem
Don’t invite them to your home or property. Keep holes on the exterior of your home repaired. Put screens over vents. Keep garbage in cans and snap the lids on tight. If this does not work, you can add a bungee cord over the top to secure it better. If precautions were not taken in time to avoid the problem there are still good humane solutions.

Hire a professional
In order to make sure that your un-invited guest has moved back into the forest, from which he came, you can hire a pest control company. They can handle squirrel removal, raccoon removal, bat removal and many other types of pests. Look for one that only does live traps and releases healthy animals back into the wild – away from your property of course.

We recommend hiring a humane Denver squirrel removal company like the one you can find here.

Another option is to use a live trap to trap the animal yourself. Make sure you check your local laws and ordinances. Know what to do with the animal once you have caught it. Squirrel removal, raccoon removal or bat removal keep in mind the size of the animal and how difficult it may be to find it. Proper baiting techniques will improve your chances of success. Some cities or states may have regulations regarding releasing the animal. You may need permission from someone before you release it on their property. This may even apply if you are planning your release on state property.